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Rotavator Manufacturers

Wecan are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rotavators. They have specialised in the perfection of rotavators, with 9 different series of varying sizes, which will cater for all soil types and individual farmer requirements worldwide.
Agricultural Rotavator

Product Efficiency

In today’s high demand for quality and low cost production methods your Wecan rotavator will prepare a seed bed for planting quicker and more cost efficient than other rotary type machines.

Rotavator rear side

Quality Workmanship

All BGW, PGW, MGW, SGW, DGW, DPW and JRW Series come with selectable 4 speed rotor (choice of gears ) and 540 or 1000 rpm pto, this in affect gives the operator a choice of 8 different rotor speeds.

The side drive from gearbox to rotor is by heavy duty oil immersed precision ground gears ( chain driven on some smaller models). Soil exclusion seals on ends of rotor are set inside a double grove system to exclude soil and foreign matter from damaging seals, while keeping oil in the gear case by a compressed synthetic rubber type material with steel sealing edges.

Wecan build quality

A high torque preset pto slip clutch is fitted which will protect the driveline from damage if any solid materials should suddenly jam the rotor.

The high horse power capacity gearboxes are in-house designed and built with the latest precision high tech CNC laths and milling machines.

The superior helical bevel gears are quieter running and transfer power to the rotor more efficiently than most other makes of rotavator with straight cut gears. This reduces power loss with less gearbox generated heat.

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Patented Design Frame Box

Balanced Rotor blade design and layout help to reduce peak loading stresses on the tractor pto and reduce any vibration on the machine.

Patented design box frame and covers are built to absorb any vibration and give longevity.

Future Development.

Wecan are constantly researching new developments and will continue to update and improve the performance of their products.


Wecan UK Ltd have selected agricultural machinery agents conveniently placed throughout the country. They carry new machines and wearing parts and can give you immediate assistance.

We at Wecan UK Ltd hold stock of all wearing parts and major components for all standard models.

We offer an overnight or 3 day country wide delivery service to our dealer network.