Wecan UK Ltd – Specialising in the sale of rotary cultivators, rotavators, powerharrows, toppers and mulchers


Because Wecan specialise in the manufacture of rotavators they are able to mass produce to a very high standard while keeping pricing very competitive and far below other makes of similar quality.

Wearing Parts

WF5000BGW – FrontAll wearing parts are manufactured from specially selected steels to give long levity. The cost of replacement wearing parts is much lower than those of other makes.


Wecan UK Ltd have selected agricultural machinery agents conveniently placed throughout the country. They carry new machines and wearing parts and can give you immediate assistance


Product Range

The product range starts with the baby WR 800 SG (working width of .8 m) requiring just 16 hp to the largest hydraulic folding WR 6000 BGW (working width of 6m ) which is built for the 250 – 300hp tractors.

Wecan Build Quality

Manufactured in South Korea Wecan Rotavators are built from the ground up by a dedicated in-house design team and manufactured on site with ISO 9001 compliance, with emphasis on detail of design and choice of materials, from special steel such as “Atos” for the blade flanges and high tensile (DIN 55CR3) toughened steel for blades

Product Efficiency

A balanced rotor blade spacing and designed blade shape reduces power requirements and vibration

Experts in the field

Wecan Global Ltd is a specialist rotavator manufacturer from South Korea, and makes agricultural rotary cultivators and their attachments

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